December 25, 2014

    Last year at this time, we were staggering home from our last leg of touring Synthetica, and we were beyond ready for a hard won year off. “This time, it will be a REAL year off!”, we proclaimed, swearing we would not go straight into making another album as soon as we had unpacked our bags. And yet, here I am, writing this letter to you from the studio, fully immersed in fresh music and somewhat amazed that we’ve managed to keep on loving what we do for this long.

    So much has gone down this year but I’m feeling surprisingly refreshed and excited. I was really enjoying not having to care what happened next and then by accident we made something new. Meanwhile, the internal voice that constantly highlights my flaws, ignores my accomplishments and only reminds me what I can’t do seems to have worn itself out and quit. It may be time to put my heart back on my sleeve where it belongs, but that is often easier said than done.

    What the hell, I’ll start now with the song below, “The Fatal Gift.” It doesn’t really sound at all like anything else we’re doing and stands alone. It’s unfinished but I like it enough the way it is to play it for you now. The question is, did I accidentally write a dark Christmas carol last summer? Looks like we’re about to find out.

    xo emily


    Attention all parents of kick-ass daughters! It looks like some real progress is being made when it comes to giving girls more imaginative toy options than princess castles and all things pink. As a kid I was way more into my Dukes of Hazard racetrack than any doll, so as you can imagine I am beyond happy to be part of what I hope will be a lasting cultural shift.

    A couple of months ago I was approached by a start-up toy company called Goldieblox and asked to portray the animated voice of their scrappy anti-Barbie protagonist in a series of animated online videos. I had always wanted to do voice-over work, so when they told me the guiding principles of the company and that the character was partially inspired by me and my music (!) the collaboration was a go. Debbie’s Kickstarter campaign says it best, but the idea here is to address the fact that men largely outnumber women in science, technology, engineering and math, with girls tending to lose interest in these subjects as early as age 8. We’ve got to encourage these bright young girls to overcome whatever is holding them back and give them the tools they need to literally start building things! Watching Debbie set out to “disrupt the pink aisle” has shown me this whole other world I’ve never had anything to do with before and it’s exciting to imagine I might have a part to play in her vision to inspire a new generation of female engineers.

    This morning Goldieblox released a new video featuring a song for kids called Lighting Strikes which I wrote as the soundtrack to one of the episodes. I gotta say I really enjoyed channeling my inner 10 year old and I hope you enjoy it too! If you have a young daughter, you might want to check this thing out.

  • Lost Kitten

    Today marks the much-anticipated premiere of our new video for the song ‘Lost Kitten’, in which director Sammy Rawal leads us on an unusual search for home. Shot over two days in Mexico City, the clip features acclaimed ballroom dancer/actor Sheldon McIntosh (otherwise known as Tynomi Banks, the name he goes by when performing in drag), and showcases Rawal’s hyper-stylized use of bold color and unique choreography.

    In Rawal’s reimagining of the archetypal heroic journey, Sheldon embarks on a mysterious pilgrimage through Mexico City and into the canal maze of Xochimilco on a flat-bottomed trajinera in search of his house mother, an “angel” in his memories. Upon reaching his destination, Sheldon delivers an epic vogueing performance (!) to celebrate his spiritual reunion with the maternal. His massive on-screen presence is only amplified by his bold attire: sequined jacket and kitten heels.

    The shoot itself proved as colorful as the concept. Airport troubles delayed Sheldon’s arrival to within hours of when filming was scheduled to begin. A striking figure at 6 foot 2, Sheldon’s choice of travel wear was a pair of high heeled boots which had him towering above the local community as he attempted to navigate the busy pedestrian streets. “As he walked through the city, Sheldon was literally parting the huge crowd that had gathered, everybody was staring at him in amazement,” recalls Rawal. “He was a bit apprehensive at first about how the local community would react to him, but that feeling quickly disappeared as people started cheering and shouting ‘El Guapo!’ (The Handsome One), smiling and waving from their passing cars.”

    Watch ‘Lost Kitten’ and let the beautiful quest begin.

    xoxo metriclovesyou

    P.S. Hope you’ve been having fun with the METRIC Synthetica App. It’s a bit addictive. I’ve spent many hours traveling between cities these past few weeks and have gotten into creating totally abstract sounds with my remixes. My favorite move is extreme delay feedback combined with pitch shift on “Speed the Collapse”. The original song becomes unrecognizable and the landscape images become like hallucinations. Very useful when waiting in very long lines. If you don’t have it yet, it’s free on the App Store.